Testimonials from Clients



I found myself stuck with the problem of insomnia and it was interfering with my life and goals in a major way. I saw the amazing changes that my friend Heather made as a result of her faster EFT training and asked if she would work with me. After our session, I felt very good. This already was encouraging because I had previously been through counseling which left me pretty sad and tired after the visit. We had addressed some major emotional topics, yet I left feeling refreshed. More importantly, that night I slept better than I had in years, and the insomnia dissipated completely in a short amount of time. Because of this, I was able to realize my dreams and goals! How can I thank Heather and faster EFT enough? Now I utilize this skill in my everyday life and am able to handle stress and anxiety so much better. 

Cara, Scotland


I would totally do Faster EFT with Heather again! She helped me overcome my fear of flying in just one session. I had flown on airplanes since I was 6 years old with no problem. But two years before I met with Heather, we took a trip overseas and had really bad turbulence on the flight back. After that, I was anxious every time we had to fly. It got so bad that even things that felt SIMILAR to flying became scary to me -- like driving across bridges or going up highway ramps. Just THINKING about flying made me anxious! But after just one session with Heather, the fear of flying went away. Right after our session, I took a trip that involved seven flights in two weeks. I was fine, even when we had turbulence! I totally recommend Heather and would do Faster EFT with her again!

Lois, Virginia


I love the way Heather deals with clients:  full of dept, insight, helpful and compassionate. 
Before getting to know faster EFT closer I thought "Can't do one of those "Think good and you'll be healed" things again". I  suffered with major depression and knew that those  "positive thinking" or "change your thinking" type of approaches won't help.  After my first session I felt a relieve I have not had in years, i slept like a baby and life began to shine in colours again. As opposed to a "traditional" phycology, Faster EFT deals with brain in a different way.  It takes a route emotion causing a "problem" and destroys our crafted by own mind varieties of one same thing. You know a saying "do not go to your mind by yourself, not a nicest neighbourhood?". Well, you wont have to feel that way if you let Faster EFT help you. 

Marina, South Africa/Russia


I worked with Heather on one very specific memory for only a short time. Every year prior, on the anniversary of this event I would cry all day, grieve, feel worthless and replay every detail. It was terrible. It has now been more than two years and the last two anniversaries of the event, I have hardly thought about it. I will never forget the details or emotions I felt at that time but I don't LIVE in them anymore! Heather was amazing, very sensitive to my feelings but so knowledgeable. It is not pleasant to relive that time in my life but so worth it to come out on the other side! She is exceptional at what she does and I would encourage anyone to give this a try!"

Kim, Ohio